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About Us

The Saints Chronicle is a student-run publication dedicated to keeping the community informed about news around St. George's campus and the world. Our editors and writers work hard to bring you news, features, and opinion pieces that matter to you. Whether it's coverage of a school-wide event or an examination of the history behind a national holiday, we are committed to bringing you the most accurate and engaging content possible.

Meet The Team

Editor in Chief


Josh, a current grade 11 student, is proud to serve as the Editor in Chief of the Saints Chronicles. He is committed to delivering insightful and thought-provoking content, ensuring that each issue is a reflection of the diverse voices and perspectives that make up the fabric of Saints. In his free time, Josh can be found at the gym with his buddies or frantically rushing to weekly Business Club meetings. 


Our Writing Team

Joey PFP.png

Joey Shen

Joey is a Grade 11 student who enjoys exploring the nuances of english literature. Outside of school he can be found on the tennis court or occasionally playing basketball.

Harry PFP.png

Harry Gong

Harry is a Grade 10 student passionate about celebrating the vibrancy of our student body through writing. His interests include languages, music, and the sciences.

Samuel PFP.jpeg

Samuel Yu

Samuel is in Grade 10 and enjoys hiking, rowing, reading, movies, and all things music. He’s excited to be writing for the Creed this year!

Owen Yisu Wang Photo (1).jpg

Owen Wang

Owen, a Grade 10 student, is passionate about musical performance and poetry. In his spare time, he enjoys spamming notes on MuseScore, composing nonsensical stories in Latin, or reading the humour column from The New Yorker.

Our Editors


John Yue

John is a Grade 11 student who loves consuming all forms of media. Outside of the classroom, he can be found scuba diving in the depths of the ocean or biking around the city with his friends. 

Ethan Yang 

Ethan is a Grade 11 student who can be found enjoying the various local culinary delights or catching up on the latest developments in Canadian politics. 

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